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The Aqueduc in Ansignan

Aqueduc d'Ansignan

The bridge aqueduct in Ansignan is one of the most important historical constructions in the Fenouilledes. It is an excellent example of the Roman influence on the Agly valley. The foundations of the construction date back to 300 AD.

Spanning 170 meters, composing of 29 arches, it has the distinction of being on 2 levels: the top section is an aqueduct and the lower part is a tunnel or walkway for the inhabitants and animals. Before the construction of the aqueduct, the rural area was exploited by Ansius, a Roman landowner who gave his name to the village of Ansignan. The aqueduct was used to supply the gardens and the old roman village situated on the lower plain, near the old mill, with water.


How to get to the aqueduct in Ansignan

Head in the direction of St-Paul-de-Fenouillet, then take the D619 towards Ansignan. Just before arriving in Ansignan, You will see on your left a picnic area with a parking area and a panoramic view of the aqueduct. There is a small path that will lead you down to the aqueduct in 2 minutes.