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Tasting the wines

The NATURE of wine!

Our vineyards are characterised by very low yields, the excellent climate and exceptional morphology encourages winegrowing. The prevailing wind, the Tramontane, is a natural antiseptic. The small parcels of vines that carpet the hillsides and make up the vineyards require manual harvesting. An ingenious system of channels irrigates the vineyards and gardens throughout the year (no extra watering – to preserve water resources). Finally, an important percentage of the production is organic wine.

In the Fenouilledes we try to look after our nature!


The sun shines here over 300 days a year, and this gives our vineyards their originality and unique character.

The Fenouilledes has the good fortune to span several different appellations. The best known is the prestigious Maury vin doux natural (fortified sweet red or white wine) and they have recently been awarded the right to make dry wines under their own appellation as well as the Rivesaltes and Muscat appellations that extend throughout the Fenouilledes.

Côtes du Roussillon Village wines are also strongly represented and towns like Caramany, Lesquerde and Latour-de-France have their own appellations.


We invite you to taste and discover the many different varieties and appellations produced in the winegrowing domains of the area.






Plan your wine tasting visit and discover our vineyards

Vendanges à Rasiguères

To help you in choosing which wines to try, the area was awarded the certificate Vignobles et Découvertes (Vineyards and Discoveries) . There is now a large demand for quality labeling in wine, food and accommodation related produce and services, also for the level of reception you may receive at the various establishments that are involved in the sale and production of wine. This certification extends right across the Mediterranean region, and covers events and activities as well as wineries, accommodation and restaurants.

The goal is to help you to be well informed and prepared for your stay in the land of wine.

For instance, you could stay in a local hotel surrounded by vineyards, or at a winery itself, and enjoy wine tasting in its cellars. Or you can wine and dine in a local restaurant and still having the opportunity to visit the various attractions in the immediate vicinity.