The Fenouilledes abounds with good fishing spots : The Lake on the river l'Agly and the regions other rivers offer first category and second category fishing with a large choice of coarse fish and the chance to enjoy the varied countryside.

More information regarding coarse fishing in the rivers and lakes in the region is available from Fédération Départementale de Pêche des Pyrénées-Orientales website.

To buy a fishing licence on line.

The Agly reservoir

The Fenouillèdes are very popular with coarse fishermen. Le lac (Lake or reservoir d’Agly) abounds in coarse fish : Pike,Perch,Common and Mirror Carp,Eels, Trout etc : Fishing is permitted from the banks in adherence to the regulations set out by the Fédération Départementale de Pêche des Pyrénées-Orientales. 

More information is available on their website.


boat fishing:

The Agly reservoir is the only lake in the region that authorizes fishing from a boat, however a special yearly permit called ‘ la carte de pêche en barque annuelle’ must be obtained from the Fédération Départementale de Pêche des Pyrénées-Orientales, this also can be bought on line at their website.

The rules applicable to boat fishing are outlined in detail by the Federation and apply to all parts of the Lake except those that are set aside for repair work.. The limits are fixed and signposted downstream from the bridge in Ansignan.


The ‘NO KILL’ rule

The ‘ No Kill ‘ rule in coarse fishing comes from the practice of English Carp fisherman who systematically release their catches back into the waters after capture. This has now been extended to other types of fish. It’s a simple idea that reflects a conservational and true sporting spirit. Not only are the fish released but special attention is given to the types of hooks used ie: hooks without barbs that don’t harm the mouth of the fish so that the fish are returned in good health and in good condition.


Night fishing for Carp:

This is permitted throughout the year on the Lake but again the ‘NO KILL’ rule must be observed and only vegetable baits are authorized. Also no Carp are to be transported away from the Lake to other waters. Casting must be done from the banks, use of a boat or pier or tele-commanded vessel is forbidden.

More useful information is available from the Fédération Départementale de Pêche des Pyrénées-Orientales website.


Trout fishing on the Boulzane, Désix and Agly rivers

Several attractive stretches have been set aside and regularly stocked to promote trout fishing. These sections or stretches are indicated by notice boards on the banks of the rivers themselves. Access to trout fishing is open to anyone in possession of a valid fishing. The stretches come under two categories which also are mentioned on the notice boards.

Trout fishing stretches are found near the following villages:

  • River Agly, at St-Paul-de-Fenouillet and Ansignan
  • River Boulzane, at Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes
  • River Désix, at Pézilla-de-Conflent


Important notice

If you are looking for a fishing holiday for groups, families or individuals then the village of Trilla offers special ‘Gite’ accommodation for fishermen. It’s also possible to hire boats, fridges, baskets etc; and there are areas to keep your own rods and tackle.
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local fishing clubs 

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