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Gorges de Galamus

Protected nature reserve with a particularly impressive rock structure. The waters of the river Agly have cut deep into the calcium strata to a depth of over 500 meters eventually to arrive at the Mediterranean sea.

By criss-cross erosion, the water has created a deep and vertiginous gorge with pools of clear water that are fed by small waterfalls making it very popular with canyon enthusiasts.

Impassable until 1890 when a small road was cut out of the the rock face by a team of fairly acrobatic workers armed with pick axes. This opened the way through the gorge from St. Paul de Fenouillet to the village of Cubieres.

From the gorge there is a fantastic view of the famous Mount Canigou and the ‘Clue de la fou’ (a V shaped pass through the mountains from St-Paul-de-Fenouillet, direction Ansignan.


The Gorges de Galamus is best visited in two ways on foot or by water.


On foot

walking through the Gorges de Galamus

On both approach roads on both sides of the gorges you can leave your vehicle in the designated parking areas and visit the gorges on foot and also enjoy the incredible views that are impossible to really appreciate from your car.

The ‘Diablines’ in the Gorges de Galamus

(available from the 1st of July to the 31st of August)

Don’t worry ! there are no demons or little imps haunting the gorge. The Diablines are small silent, ecological electric vehicles that are available for a modest fee of 50 cents per person. This small charge goes towards paying the drivers of the vehicles.

Canyoning à Galamus 

By water: Canyoning

Canyoning in the Gorges de Galamus is ideal for all the family, for groups of friends or for individual, both beginners and the more experienced. It’s basically a horizontal canyon, so no need for ropes and it’s lots of fun! There are sections for Tobogganing, rolling and attempting pirouettes and jumps (optional) – everything is designed to make your canyoning experience truly unforgettable.

Canyoning expeditions with professional supervision are available from April through to September.


Advice for Motorists:

It is impossible for two vehicles to pass in the Gorges de Galamus during the summer months so temporary traffic lights have been installed in order to make the drive through easier and safer. Please respect the guidance of the traffic control staff. We strongly recommend that whenever possible it is better to visit the Gorges on foot or by using the available Diablines.

Driving through the Gorges de Galamus in camping cars or minibuses is forbidden.


How to get to the Gorges de Galamus:

From Perpignan, Montpelier, Toulouse or Quillan : Take the main road or ‘Route Nationale’ D 117 as far as Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet. At the first set of traffic lights take the first exit on your right and follow the signs for the Gorges de Galamus after 5 kilometres you will arrive at the Gorges.