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Adventure trails

Botanical trails in Maury

After the walk you can visit the village of Maury and see the many ‘trompe -l’oeil’ wall paintings around the village..they are really worth seeing !

You can also stop at one (or more) of the local wine tasting ‘caves’ and try some of the excellent local AOC Maury wines.


Under the shadow of the Cathar castles in the heart of the Maury countryside. You can go and discover the wildlife of the ‘garrigues’, vineyards and Mediterranean woodland. Amidst 100 year old maritime pine forests, breathe in the southern aromas of lavender, thyme et rosemary.

This family hiking trail is a 2 hour long circuit destined for observation and education in aspects of botany both as related to the winegrowing industry and local history. Along the trail there are information boards covering various themes – climate, geology, wildlife and local flora.



How to get there:

Take the road to Cucugnan / Queribus, until you reach the swimming pool on the outskirts of the village and there you will find a parking area opposite the pool.


Geological trail in the Hauts de Taïchac

After the hike stop at the Auberge de Taïchac, which offers a choice of meals and also accommodation.

The point where the Tectonic, Afro-Iberian and European plates meet, The educational St-Martin-de-Fenouillet geographic tour offers many geographical curiosities. The Taïchac tour offers a chance to discover the formation of different relief caracteristics in the Fenouillèdes, It’s a 3 hours hike across vineyards, through pine groves and wild countryside..

Topo-guide is available in the local tourist office (1€).



Getting to St. Martin:

From St-Paul-de-Fenouillet, head for Ansignan and then St-Martin ; The tour starts from outside the Auberge de Taïchac.