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Small village in the heart of the Fenouilledes, the Latin etymology means "mill tailor."

Feilluns belongs to the Fenouilledes, the French part of Roussillon, which was divided into two after the signing of the Treaty of Corbeil (1258).

The presence of dolmens, or rock wells (basins) indicates that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times (2200bc). A small ossuary at a place called "the caune" was unearted and dates back to the bronze age (1500 -1200bc) The church, with it’s pre-Roman architecture is dedicated to Saint Mary of the Assumption. The black Madonna from the twelfth century and the seventeenth century altarpiece are well worth seeing. Three oratories, only two of which have survived mark out the three main roads leading into the village.

Other attractions include the Roman chapel, dolmens and the start of many hiking trails at the foot of the Boucheville Forest.

Contact Town hall

Mayor : Claude FILLOL

Postal address : 1 Place de la Mairie

Téléphone : 00(33)4 68 97 71 77

Fax : 00(33)4 68 97 75 37

E-mail address :


Opening hours of the Town Hall

Monday 8.00 am – 12 am

Tuesday 8.00 am – 12 am

Wednesday 8.00 am – 12 am

Thursday 8.00 am – 12 am

Friday 8.00 am – 12 am


General information

Names of people : Feillunsoises and Feillunsois

Population 60 people

Area 660 hectares


Places of interest to discover

Natural Heritage : « La caune » at the « Gazalnia »

Cultural Heritage :

- 2 Dolmens : situated at « Peyralade »

- Château Azalsas : dating back to before the 12th century

Special festivals and cultural events : Local business festival 15th August


Practical Information

Shops : Visiting traders, Butcher, Baker, grocer shop.

Organizations : Feilluns entertainment and events committee, Association ‘Les Taïchous’, ACCA

Activities, leisures : Swimming site with picnic area, Hiking trails and viewpoint or orientation area.