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Typical Fenouilledes village, Saint- Martin is situated on the hillside.

Bounded on the north by a line of limestone peaks whose heights exceed 600 meters, the territory consists of a wooded area called Devès and a granite area where the village and the former stronghold of Taïchac are to be found. Further south is an area of Gneiss ( a metamorphic rock form) and to the west , a plateau called Dallen. A reminder of the old name of the village : Saint -Martin- d'Endalens ( thirteenth century).

The morphology and geology of the area reveal the meeting of Afro- Iberian and European tectonic plates.

To introduce you to the geomorphology, a trail of geological interest called "Hauts de Taïchac " was laid with as the starting point at the Auberge Taïchac in the village center . This trail is accessible for anyone to discover the exceptional views of the syncline of St. Paul.

The hostel is also a ‘gites d’etape’ where you can stay and discover the GR36 footpath, other outdoor activities and high-quality wines produced in the vineyards of St Martin.


Contact Town Hall


Mayor : Jacques PARIS

Postal address : Le Village 66220 Saint Martin

Téléphone : 00(33)4 68 59 24 29

Fax : 00(33)4 68 59 24 28

E-mail address :


Opening hours of the Town Hall


Monday : 9.00 am – 12 am 1.00 pm -5.00 pm

Tuesday : 9.00 am – 12 am 1.00 pm -5.00 pm

Thursday : 9.00 am – 12 am 1.00 pm -5.00 pm

General information

Names of people : saint-martinois

Population : 53 people

Area : 1072 hectares


Places of interest to discover


Curiosities Geological discovery trail"Hauts de Taïchac", climbing sites


Special festivals and cultural events


Art festival First August week-end

Party August


Practical Information


Accomodation : Auberge Taïchac

Restaurant : Auberge Taïchac

Organizations : Comité d'animation Mairie de Saint Martin, public library